Colonial & Crossroad MERGE

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TCBY Teens…we will be going over to Colonial Baptist Church on Friday, July 26 to have an event with their youth group. We are asking boys to bring a bag of chips and girls to bring in some baked goods along with their $2.00 dollars for pizza. TCBY teens if you need a ride to Colonial then you need to be at the church (Crossroad) at 6:30pm. The event will go from 7:00-10:00pm. There will be some ice breakers, a devotion, plenty of food and drinks, video games, and fellowship. All teens are encouraged to invite friends to this epic event. 

Lunch & Bible Study

Lunch & Bible Study Announcement



Bring your own lunch and Bible and meet me in the youth building. We will be studying the book of Philippians. Bring a friend to this great study!!!


SpikeBall made its debut at youth group on Wednesday, May 1, after sitting in the office since March 29.   It started out as a game that nobody understood. However, after the first match, played by Pastor Brian and Eric vs. Jay and Al Woosley….it was understood and became an instant favorite. Pastor Brian and Eric dominated the first match and will go down in TCBY History as the first team to win at SpikeBall. Congrats boys, congrats. Below are a few pictures of the TCBY boys playing their new favorite game…SPIKEBALL!!!


Week 1 Recap of Download


 Check out the video above that we watched to kick off our new series “Download: Receiving Communication”. 

We had a great time going over some terms that one would find when studying Bibliology (Doctrine of the Bible). We talked about the Inerrancy of the Bible, Inspiration, Plenary Verbal Inspiration, and Eyewitness Accounts. I thought the most entertaining part of the evening was when we looked at a few passages that others bring up to prove the Bible has errors in it. I played the role of the guy who thought the Bible was full of errors. Here are some of those passages…

  • Matthew 13:32 (The Mustard Seed)
  • Numbers 25:9 and 1 Corinthians 10:8 (Total number of deaths by the plague)
  • 2 Samuel 21:19 and 1 Samuel 17:50 (Who killed Goliath)

I’m really excited about the Download series and pray that the teens are challenged to truly believe in the Scriptures and put the Words into practice. 

The memory verse for this week was 2 Timothy 3:16

 “All (PLENARY) Scripture (VERBAL) is breathed out by God (GIVEN BY INSPIRATION OF GOD) and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,”

New Series Starts Tomorrow Night…




All TCBY teens and friends can join us in the youth building for a movie night tonight.  We will be showing the movie Wreck- It Ralph which is rated PG. The doors will open at 7:15pm and the movie will start at 7:45pm. Instead of collecting money to enter the event we are asking each person to bring at least 2 cans of food that will be donated to the CBC Food Pantry. We will provide you with popcorn and soda. You may bring extra money to purchase candy. Whoever has the best Wreck- It Ralph costume will win a “Movie Watchers Package”. So watch the trailer, get your costume, invite a friend, and join us for Wreck- It Ralph. 


Don’t have any plans for Spring Break??? Well join us as we travel to Columbus to hangout at SKY ZONE for the day. We will be meeting at the church at 1:45pm on Wednesday, April 3. We will jump from 3:30-5:00 and then from there we will be heading out to dinner. You will need $16.00 for SKY ZONE and then money to eat. Please make sure you sign the waiver form if you plan on going…No Waiver,No Jumping!!!

14 Day Reading Plan

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Here is a great reading plan for the 14 days leading up to Easter. I challenge you to read and meditate on these 14 passages. Pray that when reading and meditating on the daily readings God will let the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ impact your life!!! Share your thoughts on the daily readings in the comments section. 

Day 1…3/17…Matthew 26:1-25

Day 2…3/18…Matthew 26:26-46

Day 3…3/19…Matthew 26:47-75

Day 4…3/20…Matthew 27:1-31

Day 5…3/21…Matthew 27:32-66

Day 6…3/22…Mark 1:9-45

Day 7…3/23…Mark 4:1-41

Day 8…3/24…Mark 6:30-56

Day 9…3/25…Mark 11:1-33

Day 10…3/26…Luke 2:1-21

Day 11…3/27…Luke 9:21-62

Day 12:…3/28…Luke 15:1-32

Day 13…3/29…John 1:1-34

Day 14…3/30…John 19:1-42 and John 20:1-30

New Series to Kickoff on April 10



Below is a list of our new series with the date, title, and the memory verse. Invite a friend to this series cause it’s going to be a great series with much to apply. 

4/10/13…..Totally Reliable……………………2 Timothy 3:16

4/17/13…..Error-Keep Out……………………Matthew 22:29

4/24/13…..TTYN (Talk To You Now)………2 Timothy 2:15

5/01/13…..Divine App Store…………………Acts 17:11

Verge 2013 Free Webcast

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Schedule for Verge 13 Conference

Friday, March 1

10:00am-12:00pm – Main Session 1 | The Priority of Disciple Making: There Is No Plan B

2:30pm-4:30pm – Main Session 2 | Patterns & Practices of Disciple Making: Missional People & Missional Communities

8:00pm-10:00pm – Main Session 3 | The Content of Disciple Making: Getting To The Heart Of It All

Saturday, March 2

10:00am-12:00pm – Main Session 4 | Culture And Disciple Making: Building Bridges and Removing Barriers

2:30pm-4:30pm – Main Session 5 | The Process of Disciple Making: 8 Non-Negotiable Steps To Making and Multiplying Disciples

7:00pm-9:00pm – Main Session 6 | Living The Future Church: The Context of Disciple Making


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